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Whether you use cardboard packaging for protection, promotion, ease of handling or a combination of all three, Phuc Hao Packaging can provide total packaging solutions.

With our advanced production line, Phuc Hao Packaging can accommodate the majority of these applications. Each of our carton products is specially designed & made with the best quality raw materials to ensure the safest protection for your packaged products. Our Flexo printing technology can add to the carton products all the essential color & information to promote your company’s products & brand.

Each carton product is designed with the suitable flute structure that can handle the packaging requirement. The availabe flute structures in the market are:


The RSC is the most standard type of carton. Due to it's high efficiency in manufacturing, it is the most cost effective style of carton. The erected carton has outer flaps that meet at the centre, on both top and bottom surfaces.

Full Flap Slotted Container (FFSC)

The FFSC, unlike the RSC, has outer flaps that fully overlap. This offers extra strength and support to the carton. This style is especially suited to cartons that have a very narrow width.

Corrugated Cardboad Sheets

Corrugated Sheet is manufactured to order in 'C', 'B' & 'B/C' flutes. It can be made to various grades depending on which application it will be used for. Sheets can be purchased in white or natural brown kraft.

DieCut Boxes (DC)

The Diecut Carton can be manufactured to many unique designs to suit your product, for the purpose of shipping and or display. This style of carton is created from purpose built tooling (formes) and gives the carton a clean and accurate finish.

Five Panel Folder (FPF)

The FPF can consist of either an RSC closure or FFSC Closure. It is especially suited to long narrow items. The pack is layed in the flat and wraps around the item, then sealed on each end and one side by your means.


Half Slotted Container (HSC)

The HSC consists of flaps on one end, and open on the other. This style with a lid, is a combination of a shipping carton, opening to a shelf storage unit. This is especially suited when the cover is to be removed repeatedly for access or display purposes.


Creased And Slotter Trays (CR/SL)

The Creased & Slotted Trays are to be sealed on all four corners, and have a flat base. These "topless boxes" are excellent as storage boxes & spare parts containers. They can also be used in conjunction with the HSC as a lid.

Corner Cut Folder (CCF)

The CCF can be manufactured to suit various products. It is especially suited as a mailer and ideal for products with a very narrow depth.


The Partition is made of intersecting sheets of corrugated board, that when formed, create individual pockets to separate goods within a carton. These are especially suited to fragile items (glass bottles, jars, etc) When formed, the partition will give extra support and rigidity to the carton. These can either be supplied assembled or loose for you to assemble.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Corrugated Rolls otherwise known as single face rolls can be used for various sorts of packaging. From wrapping large products to being used for lightweight pads and dividers for bottles, singleface is a very versatile material.



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