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To help you quicly find the necessary information, we have consolidated a collection of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers.

If you need further information, always feel free to contact our sales deparmtent or support hotline and we will be glad to help you out.

1. How long does it take to manufacture a new carton?

Ans: A new carton can be manufactured within 3-4 days (for repeating order) or 7-10 days (for new order) depending on your artwork requirement. Please contact our sales or hotline for more accurate timing.

2. What is the minimum quantity for each order?

Ans: We accept all order quantities, while large orders will come with more competitive prices.

3. What is the cost of making a new polymer print plate?

Ans: The cost is charged through the unit price of each carton products.

4. Can Phuc Hao Packaging manufacture carton sheets according to customer’s specifications?

Ans: We manufacture carton sheets with maximum width of 1.8m.

5. Which customers is Phuc Hao Packaging supplying carton products to?

Ans: Our carton products are widely used by several domestic & foreign companies. We also sell to suppliers that export carton products to countries such as Russia, USA,…


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